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05 February 2015

Jacket Required AW15 x The Trends - Prints & Patterns

Prints are often seen as a thing of spring/summer where the colour palette is typically more diverse. However, at Jacket Required autumn/winter 2015, there were brands who have maintained the usage of patterns throughout their collections, working with technological advancements within printing  to create designs irrespective of the climate.

New to Jacket Required, first timers Kommon Universe consider colour and vibrancy as part of the brand's DNA, experimenting with technology to apply a winter colour scheme to winter silhouettes. "Print is much more accessible now because of the way technology works in comparison to the past. There wasn't really an option for prints - the garment industry isn't the way it was before and allows more room for experimentation."

Patterns and prints can be limitless in creativity, with some brands utilising classic designs such as Mi-Pac's collaboration with the Liberty Art Fabric Department, and others creating prints with no references to trends at all. Stance work with their many brand ambassadors to design their socks, never using one trend for the season but instead creating stories from different inspirations. "Print is definitely part of the brand. It's zero trend driven. There's been designs by pro snowboarders; skater of the year and there's our Harley Davidson collection."

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