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Good day, good people
Not long now until the next instalment of Jacket Required on 13/14 July and we cannot wait.
On with our Friday brands update…

Founded in 2006 and inspired by the Altamont Speedway rock festival of 1969, the brand is influenced by this symbolic event in youth culture of the time.  Altamont Apparel is about individual yet considered clothing; attention to fit, fabric and finish is paramount. Each season names from the creative art world are invited to contribute. For Spring 13 we’re working with G.G. Allin, Zen Mafia, Panda Bear and Simon Evans. Previous contributors have included the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Ralph Steadman and Anton Corbijn.
Maians, the Original Spanish Plimsoll.

Spanish brand Maians is reviving the art of traditional shoemaking in the Rioja region of Spain. Driven by the efforts of the designer Pichiglas, Maians’ handmade vulcanised footwear attempts to capture the essence of the timeless Barceloneta lifestyle.Their modern-take on the classic plimsoll arrives as a welcome one, known for experimenting with pattern, texture and wonderful colours.

Founded in 2005, Gourmet are a modern, refreshingly eclectic footwear brand. Their goods represent an open-minded, confident approach to design, known to capture the imagination of sneaker novice and aficionado alike. Designs range from the understated and minimal, to the loud and street savvy – all of which use the finest of materials ensuring they live up to their name one pair at a time.

Percival puts emphasis on British-made quality workmanship, timeless styling and clever detailing over trend-led, disposable fashion. Mindful of the heritage movement, Percival ensure their garments offer a more tailored fit and therefore become wholly more accessible, with an arguably greater shelf life.
They often try to use playful/contrasted linings, buttons and unexpected colours to tastefully accent their attire, setting a wonderful tone that speaks to today’s eccentric British gentlemen.
Bee Line

Music and fashion industry icon Pharrell Williams has teamed with acclaimed designer Mark McNairy to produce Bee Line.
The collection will consist of luxurious cashmere and lamb’s wool sweaters, woven shirts, knits, bottoms, outerwear and limited edition shoes. Bee Line will utilise the finest fabrics including Scottish tweeds and wools. With the exception of the sweaters, which are made in Scotland, all of the garments are made in the USA.
Lee 101

Lee® 101 is a celebration of this authentic American denim brand’s incredible heritage and history, refined and distilled for a modern consumer. Each Lee® 101 offering celebrates and explores a specific inspiration to deliver a capsule line of handsome pieces that look, feel and wear ‘just right’. Every pair of Lee® 101 jeans uses only the best quality denim, sourced from premium Japanese and Italian mill and ultimately showcases exactly why Lee have attained such prime status amongst denim aficionados the world over.

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