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Continuing our Invitation Only entrance policy, registration to attend the autumn/winter 2013 show is now open. Please stop by the website and register your details to apply for Jacket Required.
With fresh press coverage from SelectismSportswear International and Drapers, the February edition of Jacket Required is already setting the bar high.
This week, the brand line up grows from strength to strength, with new names joining our family of loyal attendees.



Sitka is a collective of like-minded individuals; a lifestyle brand designed by the sea and woven by a common thread. At the centre of its shared consciousness is a reverence for the environment – both the natural and urban worlds.
The West Coast Canadian environment that Sitka was born into provides a captivating and engaging canvas from which to draw inspiration.  Lifestyle on BC Island is thoroughly diverse. Inhabitants not only require robust wintertime attire but also crave something louder and more style driven to take on the streets of the big cities – on every count, Sitka delivers.
Blood Brother

Blood Brother

Launched in 2011, the founders of Blood Brother identified a need for a label with integrity, roots and ambition that would inspire others and draw them into the brand, or as they call it – the brotherhood.

Not confined to clothing alone, Blood Brother exists to provide a platform that showcases new talent within the fields of photography, film, art and music. Though relatively young, the brand has made a great impact on the streetwear scene, producing clothing that is as visually confident as it is practical. With the introduction of leather and outerwear for a/w 13, the use of innovative fabrics, silhouettes and print techniques are indicative of its luxe, street edge which fits within the DNA of Blood Brother.

Born in California and influenced by the world, SLVDR creates well considered, high quality casual menswear.

With a brand aesthetic deeply rooted in attention to detail and timeless design reflective of Southern Californian lifestyle – growing up at the beach, mountains, and empty backyard pools, together with inspiration from travels around the world.

Attainable luxury summarises the brand direction. SLVDR provides premium materials and finishes in an obtainable product.


In other news….

Peroni Italy
Who ever said you can’t mix business with pleasure? The Italian brand will supply superb complimentary premium lager across both 7th and 8th of February, arriving as the first of several planned drinks partners for the a/w 13 event.

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