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04 February 2014

Finishing Touches

With Jacket Required ready to open its doors exclusively to selected buyers and press associates this week, we've been dotting the i's and crossing the t's in order to present the very best in menswear from across apparel, footwear and of course the finishing touches which bring a lifestyle together.

They say clothes make the man, but it's the finer attention to detail which makes the difference.

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Forbes & Lewis

Luxury small leather and canvas goods brand Forbes & Lewis pay homage to classic styling, creating intelligent designs for a timeless collection with a modern twist. Named after founders Samuel Lewis Windridge and Katie Forbes, the English label produce simple, understated products where look, function and style are essential.
Only working with 100% leather sourced from the finest hides, the brand find delight in imperfections, a quality also reflected in the colours of the collection, as pieces vary slightly from product to product, giving each piece a wonderful unique charm. With the launch of its new Heritage Reborn collection for autumn/winter 2014, Forbes & Lewis introduce ten new and exciting silhouettes for the new season.


When it comes to high performance watches, MWC are the genuine article. A long serving supplier to the military, the brand also provides superbly durable and reliable timepieces to police forces and anti-terrorist units worldwide. Underlining the multitude of tests its products are put through MWC’s client list also features both mining companies and airlines, in many cases working to a customer’s specific design and technical requirements.

The collection showing at Jacket Required brings its high spec products within reach of everyday wear, without missing out on any of the brand’s renowned technical expertise.


Corgi specialise in producing top-quality, fine gauge socks in bright colours that can be worn to add a vibrant touch to formal and casual outfits alike. The brand has achieved worldwide recognition for its use of bold colour combinations, patterns and motifs.

Also produce a range of heavier gauge socks using a blend of the very finest pure wool and cashmere with no other fibres or man-made materials blended in.

Tyler and Tyler

Although relatively young, accessories brand Tyler & Tyler has heritage behind it. With the family having manufactured mens’ essentials for some of the UK’s leading designers since 1969, brothers Richard and Jonathan Tyler set out to create a brand of their own for the fashion world.

With a focus on creating a range that reflected their passion for British design and keen eye to detail, the classic, stylish and contemporary label has seen success in the UK, Europe, America and Australia, gaining fans of its witty and sharp designs worldwide.


Hailing from a country known for its love of understatement, Stockholm-based watch and accessory brand Triwa matches an unpretentious attitude with a playful humour and a strong vein of individuality.

Watches, which form the mainstay of the collection, are simple and timeless classics with a contemporary twist, with detailed leather and metallic straps adding a fashion element. The brand also does a strong line in cool shades.

Pantone Colorwear

Pantone Colorwear translates the perfect simplicity of the Pantone colour card into a range of simple staples forming a wardrobe of essential menswear styles.

With the ethos of the iconic Pantone brand evident across packaging and display materials as well as within the garments themselves the collection works as a unique in-store concept, put together in colour coded displays compiled from the vast and vibrant palette of Pantone colours.

Sunpocket Original

Sunpocket’s foldable shades became a fashion staple on the ski slopes of the French Alps during the 1970s, and by the following decade had become hugely popular right the way across Europe.

The brand relaunched in Sweden in 2011, and has since launched collaborations with the likes of Opening Ceremony, A Bathing Ape and Colette in Paris. The latest collection proudly displays Sunpocket’s roots in the ski and surf scene, balancing retro touches with contemporary details, and high quality construction.

Quinton Chadwick

For more than a decade knitwear designers Jane Chadwick and Jess Quinton have been producing a womenswear collection so beloved by knitwear aficionados that key pieces have been selling to menswear stores from the US to Japan for years.

At Jacket Required the duo will be launching their first dedicated menswear collection, showcasing the same marriage of tradition and modernity which has gained the brand so many existing fans. Designed and made in Britain, the collection is known for its use of super saturated accent shades popping out against muted and graduated backgrounds, a signature now brilliantly adapted for the menswear market.