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18 December 2013

East Endeavour

With only 13 days left until the end of 2013, the countdown to the new year is on, as we count up the brands joining us at The Old Truman Brewery for the next edition of Jacket Required.

A combination of established names and emerging labels, along with well-known international brands available in the UK for the first time, is what buyers have come to expect from the show, and this upcoming autumn/winter 2014 promises the same winning formula. Bringing together East and West, the sixth edition of Jacket Required adds both State-side and Japanese designed streetwear labels into the brand mix.

Milkcrate Athletics

Created by designer DJ and music producer Aaron LaCrate, Milkcrate Athletics, part of the second wave of American streetwear, is one of the great indie brands in street fashion.
From designing Jay Z's official Biggie ‘King of NY Frank White’ T-shirt in movie documentary Fade To Black, creating the official clothing collection for HBO The Wire, collaborating on footwear collections with New Balance and Vans to touring the world with trademark sounds, LaCrate’s label has been blending fashion and music since day dot one. A classic design aesthetic and boom bap origin keep Milkcrate Athletics a step ahead of the curve.
Human Made

NIGO®’s long-standing infatuation with vintage American clothing is the platform for his latest creative venture. Continuing an obsession to design clothes he wants to wear himself, Human Made works in close collaboration with Warehouse Japan to re-imagine classic staple pieces from the American workwear wardrobe.
With a little less emphasis on logos and loud colourways than some of its counterparts, the collection of cutting-edge, contemporary classics pays homage to the designer’s own clothing archives, with the addition of legendary Sk8thing providing graphics that reinterpret a 1950s influence for a modern-day, Americana-obsessed audience. Human Made serves as an exploration of a style that refuses to sacrifice its substance.


Dissatisfied by standard representations of 21st-century modernity, Sk8thing, Hishi and Toby started C.E in 2011 to celebrate the new millennium that always should have been.
Based on notions of digitalisation, simulation and ‘the hyper-real’, the design collective dares to ask what happens when you stop looking to the world of the past for inspiration, and instead start crafting a world for the future. A creative, ready-to-wear collection, which while sometimes erring on the bizarre, continues to promise numerous stand-out pieces of the highest order.

Hall of Fame

A Hall of Fame performs as a shrine to the very best in a field honouring excellence and supremacy. Reflecting this institution, the Hall of Fame brand is an ode to classic American sports culture in a current environment.
Taking an unconventional path, the brand combines elements of professional sports, streetwear and humour to create vibrant clothing of the highest quality, pledging allegiance to classic American culture. With a nod to the past and concepts of the future, Hall of Fame creates items that can only be described as the new vintage. Recognising the importance of creating authentic product that has meaning to forge the mantra that one should be good enough to noticed, and great enough to be remembered. Second Sucks.

Stay in Style

Stay in style this season at Jacket Required with our friends at Ace Hotel, London. Also celebrating Shoreditch as its new home, Ace Hotel reinvents hospitality to make something fresh, energised and human.

Embracing and reimagining classic buildings and interesting opportunities, Ace creates a sense of history and place that pairs the pragmatic with the romantic. Its hotels are inspired by an affinity for the soulful and fuelled by localised and handmade culture.

Receive 15% off the best available rate at Ace Hotel, London Shoreditch by using discount code JACKET, when booking a hotel room during our show dates.

Jacket Required will continue with its invitation-only policy for the autumn/winter 2014 edition, open exclusively to buyers and press. Please remember to register your details to request entry to Jacket Required, 5 & 6 February 2014.