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05 February 2015

Jacket Required AW15 x The Trends - Denim

Workwear and denim have gone hand in hand ever since the 18th century, and to this day where there's a chore coat there's usually denim in one shape or form to follow.

For autumn/winter 2015 at Jacket Required, there's been workwear brands from all over the world showcasing their take on the timeless fabric, adapting to the colder seasons with a variety of linings, opting for functionality in mind to innovate classic apparel.

Eat Dust founders Rob and Keith celebrated their second season showing at the tradeshow, basing their signature tapered & loose fits on their own motorcycle lifestyles. 70s has been a noteworthy trend this season, as seen within the denim brand's Shearling lined worker jacket. "It's more of an evolving thing. Next season we're going to have the same vibe, we never work with one season trend it's more just how we feel. It'll evolve, and get better".

With a fabric that can be tough to change but one that might not be necessarily required to, brands have considered the way it fits as opposed to the way it looks. Whereas Edwin have gone with keeping the cuts consistent but introducing new washes from Italy, Hong Kong workwear brand Made by Scrub have reinterpreted old stories & reconstructed old patterns into modern, slimmer fits. "We went with workwear because every detail has a reason - there are no decorations. What we want to do is capture the soul of workwear". 

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