Due to the global impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, Jacket Required will no longer take place in 2020. Jacket Required will return to the iconic Saatchi Gallery on 14th – 16th February 2021 for its AW21 edition

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Massimo Osti Archive


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The legacy of Massimo Osti is all around us at Jacket Required. His pioneering work in founding the likes of Stone Island and C.P Company set the tone for many of today's most revered brands. Though he passed away almost eleven years ago, his work lives on in the brands he brought to life and the fashion industry as a whole. 
With a design philosophy based around experimentation and innovation, Osti took key military garments as a starting point and created something new using techniques he developed himself.
To show its appreciation of his work, Jacket Required recently teamed up with the Massimo Osti Archive and Proper Magazine to pay homage to the man.

Proper curated a collection of key pieces that best illustrate Massimo's unique story. In a separate exhibition space with its own dedicated entrance from Brick Lane, the selection was on show to both buyers and the public during the Jacket Required dateline.



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