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Tretorn has come a long way since their company was founded in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1891. For more than a century people all over the world have won and lost tennis matches using Tretorn shoes, balls and rackets. Many more have enjoyed the high performance of their rubber boots and rainwear, no matter if they have hiked through the dewy meadows and dense forests or strolled down the chic city streets of London, Paris and New York. Come rain or shine, they are born out of scandinavian weather and have been standing strong since 1891.
Today, all of us need to change how we interact with nature and more innovative approach of using resources. At Tretorn, they don't look at innovation as what we use our resources in the way we do. Their mission is to be an inspiration and a role model for how businesses can interact with nature and create a more circular process. They are inspired by nature's own ecosystem and they strongly belive in a process where nothing should go to waste. Products should last long, be reused and eventually recycled. They have also found new ways to look upon high quality waste as an opportunity, a resource to be harvested and developed into a circular process, while slowly eliminating the very concept of waste. Their main goal is to transform 50% of our rainwear into - eco essentials - before the year of 2020. But it is an ongoing mission without an end goal.
Tretorn is an innovation driven company with high quality, functional, and contemporary products at mind - it's been a part of their DNA since the beginning. For Tretorn, it is absolutely essential to act sustainably and take care of the nature as much as they possibly can. They want to use our heritage and knowledge to contribute to a better future. Therefore, they have founded eco essentials initiative; their sustainable innovation engine for the next 125 years of growth.

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