TST by Seishi Tanaka

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We inherited passion as shoe makers from craftsmen who succeeded traditional techniques, and recovered machines, shoe trees, soles, and cutting knives used in the past that were left at shoemaking factories after various historical backgrounds, and make shoes integrating history, culture essence, modern fashion, and modes. We engaged in designing, manufacturing, and selling of various kinds of shoes, such as an established shop Purveyor to the Royal Household in Austria (founded in 1885) and designing & planning with many high-end brands around the world. Our masterpiece is 'GERMAN TAINER', German military's training shoes which we successfully inherited their traditional shoe manufacturing process using tools such as wooden patterns, soles, materials which production discontinued in 1994 and were not used any longer. We became the only company in the world that can commercialize. The brand name made with an initial of designer TANAKA SEISHI with TST. I mixed the Japanese order of the name and the English order with Tanaka Seishi/Seishi Tanaka and was made. Sale is begun in the Europe center more than 2002 years and development in Japan is started from summer, spring in 2005. Always doing based on classical music (the traditional technology and promotion which kept being inherited from the old days), it's modern accordingly (arrangement of modern idea and material usage), an element is being mixed and produced.

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TST by Seishi Tanaka
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