Due to the global impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, Jacket Required will no longer take place in 2020. Jacket Required will return to the iconic Saatchi Gallery on 14th – 16th February 2021 for its AW21 edition

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Pantherella first opened its doors in 1937 and began trading as Midlands Hosiery Mills. Over 80 years later we are still designing and making all our socks in our family owned factory, situated in the same street in Leicester, England, as we were in 1937. Timeless designs, luxurious yarns: Cashmere, Silk, Merino Royale, Sea Island Cotton and fine-linked toe seams mean that Pantherella continues to be recognised as the maker of the finest quality socks in the world. Every Pantherella sock is crafted by our skilled team of sock makers. In-house design, yarn sourcing, detailed quality control and expert manufacture – all these elements ensure a Pantherella sock is made to our world class standards. Provenance is important in everything that we do, which includes the yarns that we source from around the world. From Cashmere to Sea Island Cotton, each yarn is selected for a Pantherella sock and has been meticulously sourced from the most respected yarn suppliers in the world. Each and every single pair of Pantherella socks are checked and hand finished by our experienced team to ensure they meet our exceptional quality standards. This level of attention to detail has been essential in maintaining Pantherella’s reputation as the maker of the highest quality socks in the world.

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