Moon Boot

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It's July 20th, 1969 when Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin are going to get off the LEM - the lunar modul of the Apollo 11 mission - to accomplish an epic moment of the human history the landing of the first man on the moon. While Armstrong down from the ladder, people on Earth attend watching TV and holding its breath. The admiring eyes of billions of people around the world incite each of their steps: the footsteps left by those futuristic shoes impressed the mind of the whole audience. Also Giancarlo Zanatta – a young entrepreneur of Montebelluna, a small Italian town that soon will become the world capital city of the sport footwear production – was admiring the moon landing. Some months after Giancarlo Zanatta during a business trip in US went to Pennsylvania Station in NYC where, to celebrate the moon landing, had been exposed several big photos of the Apollo 11 astronauts. Zanatta was impressed by the shape of those strange boots created to combat the absence of gravity, and had the great intuition of inventing a brand new kind of winter boots who baptizes with the name of Moon Boot®. Back in Italy he produced the first prototypes: the very first models were created using nylon colorful and polyurethane foam, absolutely innovative at that time in winter footwear production, and then presented the first Moon Boot at ISPO Munich, the most important sport business show in Europe. Follow the adventure of Moon Boot® is like a journey in the history of design and fashion: Moon Boot® design follows step by step the evolution time, anticipating and evolving towards new trends, but always maintaining its own brand identity. Moon Boot® has gathered extraordinary success since its debut on market, obtaining in a short time an immense popularity worldwide. Its unmistakable rounded shapes, its ergonomics and ease of use, its ability to evolve over time reinterpreting in new visual styles had become an international symbol of Italian creativity. In year 2000 a jury of artists and experts from the Louvre Museum choose Moon Boot® as one of the objects most significant the history of design of the 20th century. Today Moon Boot® has a full range of footwear for the cold, both for the city and for the snow, and a world of accessories and apparel all with its distinctive codes: creativity, irony, comfort and style. In 45 years of history, Moon Boot has sold over 25 million pairs, not counting the infinite emulations of a product that is unique and unmistakable: "Moon Boot The Original"

Moon Boot