Bad Monday

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Bad Monday have made their name by working with and evolving the ‘traditional’ tattoo style with vibrant and ever-changing printed T’s. They have seen great success with their eye-catching, colourful and blocky designs, while their slogan ‘Inspired By Ink’ leaves scope for adaptation in design genre leaving them plenty of room to evolve and expand as well as hone in and expand on their present style. The customer reaction has been overwhelming and has given them outstanding growth beyond the realms of predicted expansion. Founder Mark Avey and wife Alice are incredibly proud of everything Bad Monday has become and are keen to see in each season with some new, exciting and fresh ideas. For a brand that started in a garage in leafy Hertfordshire, it’s certainly showing that it can compete with the big boys while remaining loyal to its design focus and is now a far cry from being packed and posted from the kitchen counter. Avey is keen to see where the brand finds itself in 5 years and is excited to release new prints, explore new design options and expand upon the brand's popularity.

Bad Monday
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