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Not long now until the next instalment of Jacket Required on 13/14 July and we cannot wait.
On with our Friday brands update…

Founded in 2006 and inspired by the Altamont Speedway rock festival of 1969, the brand is influenced by this symbolic event in youth culture of the time.  Altamont Apparel is about individual yet considered clothing; attention to fit, fabric and finish is paramount. Each season names from the creative art world are invited to contribute. For Spring 13 we’re working with G.G. Allin, Zen Mafia, Panda Bear and Simon Evans. Previous contributors have included the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Ralph Steadman and Anton Corbijn.
Maians, the Original Spanish Plimsoll.

Spanish brand Maians is reviving the art of traditional shoemaking in the Rioja region of Spain. Driven by the efforts of the designer Pichiglas, Maians’ handmade vulcanised footwear attempts to capture the essence of the timeless Barceloneta lifestyle.Their modern-take on the classic plimsoll arrives as a welcome one, known for experimenting with pattern, texture and wonderful colours.

Founded in 2005, Gourmet are a modern, refreshingly eclectic footwear brand. Their goods represent an open-minded, confident approach to design, known to capture the imagination of sneaker novice and aficionado alike. Designs range from the understated and minimal, to the loud and street savvy – all of which use the finest of materials ensuring they live up to their name one pair at a time.

Percival puts emphasis on British-made quality workmanship, timeless styling and clever detailing over trend-led, disposable fashion. Mindful of the heritage movement, Percival ensure their garments offer a more tailored fit and therefore become wholly more accessible, with an arguably greater shelf life.
They often try to use playful/contrasted linings, buttons and unexpected colours to tastefully accent their attire, setting a wonderful tone that speaks to today’s eccentric British gentlemen.
Bee Line

Music and fashion industry icon Pharrell Williams has teamed with acclaimed designer Mark McNairy to produce Bee Line.
The collection will consist of luxurious cashmere and lamb’s wool sweaters, woven shirts, knits, bottoms, outerwear and limited edition shoes. Bee Line will utilise the finest fabrics including Scottish tweeds and wools. With the exception of the sweaters, which are made in Scotland, all of the garments are made in the USA.
Lee 101

Lee® 101 is a celebration of this authentic American denim brand’s incredible heritage and history, refined and distilled for a modern consumer. Each Lee® 101 offering celebrates and explores a specific inspiration to deliver a capsule line of handsome pieces that look, feel and wear ‘just right’. Every pair of Lee® 101 jeans uses only the best quality denim, sourced from premium Japanese and Italian mill and ultimately showcases exactly why Lee have attained such prime status amongst denim aficionados the world over.

Good Afternoon All,

We come with news of yet more brands set to appear at the show in just over two weeks. Do remember, the show launches July 13th so we suggest fine tuning travel and accommodation plans now to ensure your trip is as smooth as possible, we will of course endeavor to support you in doing so should you require any assistance.

For all enquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach our via the usual channels.

Onto the brands…


Established in 1755, Wolsey is the original British knitwear brand, one with an impressive aesthetic to match its otherwise unrivalled credentials.

For over 250 years, they have clothed some of Britain’s bravest and most inspirational men; explorers, soldiers and royalty. Today Wolsey continues to craft clothing for men of exploration and adventure, drawing inspiration from an extensive archive of original military, labour, sport, and expedition clothing.

Under the stewardship of Creative Director Richard Bengtsson, the Wolsey ranges have been brought together as one collection, with one Wolsey garment label, for Spring Summer 2013.


Le Specs

Le Specs is a young, premium Australian sunglass label. Their eyewear is functional yet stylish, with a myriad of contemporary styles available to suit any taste.

White Raven

White Raven play a pivotal role in sculpting Tokyo’s street-style landscape. The label proactively defy convention, surprising consumers with a unique blend of fabrics, textures and an ever-evolving take on archetypal urban clothing.

Weekend Offender

Weekend Offender is a British brand that salutes the old school club scene, celebrating a slice of British culture that I’m sure many of you remember ever so fondly. The brand have a no nonsense, confidently simple line of great quality goods, as suitable for the daily grind as they are in the club.


Penfield was established in Massachusetts, USA in 1975 and has built a reputation for making the highest quality down-filled jackets, fleece & outerwear.

Though deservedly recognized for such outerwear, Penfield also produce equally fine shirting and a range of lighter garments for today’s discerning gent. The brand have grown significantly in recent years, deftly translating their own heritage into something wholly wearable and on-point in today’s diverse menswear market.

Good Afternoon All,


We come to you with another update to share news of more great brands set to appear at the show in a few short weeks time. We’ve British design talent to share, peppered with some Scandinavian offerings and a some rather stylish eyewear from Italy.

The Brands…


The Garbstore brand is the acclaimed brainchild of British designer Ian Paley, renowned for its innovative, contemporary portrayal of vintage attire.

Ian strives to employ knowledge of vintage goods to help create new garments of enduring style, ones that need not align with trend to command attention, but instead do so thanks to a skilful blend of fine detailing, premium cloth and unrivalled artistic direction.


Hailing from the Swedish city of Göteborg, Velour is a brand for those who aspire to convey an effortless sense of style. Known to perfectly balance a combination of comfort and a clean aesthetic, Velour provides minimally styled, attractive wares season-on-season.


Beautifully designed and handmade in Italy, Spektre crafts eyewear with a difference. Formed in 2009, based in Milan and launching in the UK for Spring Summer ’13, Spektre uses the advanced lenses of  the ‘Zeiss Sunlens Certification Laboratory,’ combining superior optical performance with cutting-edge design to produce completely unique sunglasses.


Contemporary underwear brand Under, now in its fourth season, continues to grow within the premium menswear market. Conceived in London via Amsterdam, Under apply great effort in crafting the best product possible, approaching design with a keen eye  for detail and unwavering commitment to highest of quality standards.

Spring Summer ’13 promises to combine a range of knitted and woven fabrics that maximize durability and ensure retention of form, resulting in functional, desirable undergarments.


Founded in Denmark in 2004, Suit is a menswear line targeting those who prefer a classical style combined with a contemporary young look. Taking the best details from classic tailoring, they add an international and stylish twist using exclusive and quality materials. From well-cut jackets and shirts to comfortable knits, Suit is the brand of choice for the modern male individualist.

Good Afternoon All,

As the show is just around the corner we thought it apt to share additional news of brands set to appear across the 13th and 14th of next month. From this point on we’ll be issuing twice weekly updates to ensure you’re looped in on the pre-show happenings; we hope these prove to be of great benefit to you and should you have any suggestions please do contact us via the usual channels.


Rittenhouse is an Australian high end, casual label, created in 2004 by fashion designer Sally McDonald and graphic artist Micah Hamdorf. In the pursuit of timeless style the label employ a unique brand of “quiet detailing” to achieve their signature aesthetic; tastefully combining unique prints and beautiful fabrics to realise their designs.

Rittenhouse pride themselves on stylistically accessible wares produced to the highest of quality standards. Their lines are wholly contemporary, sophisticated, yet appear relaxed and unpretentious.

Vanishing Elephant

In 2008 three friends, Felix Chan, Huw Bennett and Arran Russell, decided to join forces and launch a brand committed to creating clothing of quality, purpose and elegance. In only a few short years they have managed to solidify their house style – one of indicate pattern, bold colours, intriguing textures and modern fit – to ultimately rekindle a wonderful sense of confidence among consumers.


Stockholm-based Anton Sandqvist founded his namesake bag brand as an intimate solo venture in 2004, to later be joined by his brother Daniel and close friend Sebastian Westin. Today the trio jointly man the Sandqvist helm, internationally renowned for their simply designed, highly durable goods.

Their bags are produced to serve the wearer day in-day out, inspired by the Nordic countryside and key aspects of a life predominantly spent outdoors. Vast unpopulated areas, soaring mountains and remote cabins, as well as an urban city lifestyle, have always been the main inspirations of the brand. Accordingly, Sandqvist’s bags are uncomplicated and beautiful, with a clear Swedish heritage.

Good Morning All,
We’ve a host of new brands to introduce to you and would like to offer a kind reminder that our show is now under a month away. Please head over to website for the most up to date information on the show, accommodation and registrations.
In the meantime, should you need absolutely anything simply connect via one of the usual channels – email, Facebook or twitter.
On to the brands…


D.S. Dundee

D.S.DUNDEE was founded in 1994 by Oliver Pilcher and Jim Pickles. Their intention was to create an outfitter for the great British gentleman, embracing a range of aspirational values that were so proudly established by our great British forebears, pioneers in sartorial & functional style across the world.
Relaunched in 2008, D.S.DUNDEE creates a garment that is fit for purpose, shaped in response to the climate and colours of the British Isles.With one foot firmly planted in British heritage & the other in clean, contemporary branding, D.S.DUNDEE has evolved rapidly and is fast becoming one of the most sought after of current British brands.

LAT56° is a Scottish-based, award-winning product development company, specializing in the design and manufacture of technical luggage. Though primarily serving today’s business traveller, their sleek goods have enjoyed praise from a wide audience of happy consumers and eager retailers, most notably Selfridges of London who have been pivotal in championing their product.
With that said, we’re very excited to announce at July show LAT56°  shall be exclusively launching a full range of bags and accessories from the Urban Warrior Collection including backpacks, messengers, briefcases, holdall’s, iPad bags, laptop cases and more.
Wood Wood

Wood Wood is one of the most recognised and interesting of names in European street wear. Proudly hailing from Denmark, the brand combine a keen understanding of minimal design and an infectious street-savvy confidence. Though established as a leading brand in their own right, Wood Wood welcome collaboration and have most recently produced wares with such names as Nike, Adidas, Patta and Asics.
Anthony & Brown

Anthony & Brown are not only brand new to Jacket Required, but brand new to the wider world. The label has been a decade in the making and aims to produce clothing that is  as at home in the English countryside as it is amongst the cities of Britain. They actively support our British heritage and manufacturing wherever they can, looking to deliver goods of the highest quality that resonate with the collective tastes of gents across our homeland.