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Good Afternoon,
2 days and counting to the SS13 Jacket Required show. Make sure you have registered if you wish to attend. For visitors, click here (http://www.jacket-required.com/visitors/) and press, please make sure you have emailed leila@spin-agency.com for accreditation.
We look forward to seeing you at the show.
Brands round-up for today…
Launched in 2007, Swedish brand Triwa produce watches that marry precision craftsmanship with bold pattern and colour. The brand confidently challenge traditional timepiece aesthetics; renowned for using a unique blend of modern silhouettes and dynamic materials. As beautiful as they are functional, Triwa watches often arrive in unexpected colourways that can provide a striking accent to any contemporary wardrobe.
For each product launch Triwa collaborate with artists to create artworks inspired by their collection and the Triwa motto “adding colour”. The AW12 collection artworks have been made in collaboration with British artist, designer and inventor Dominic Wilcox. The London based creative is known to create unique and innovative objects, drawings and art installations. Dominic’s work moves between conceptual ideas about human behaviour and material experimentation with an aim to find surprises amidst the everyday and the banal.
His diverse body of work includes War Bowl, a bowl made from melted plastic soldiers from historic battles and the recent Watch Sculptures, animated scenes playing out using miniature figures attached to the hands of watches. Dominic also creates improvised work in front of live audiences. He recently gave a performance at London’s Victoria and Albert museum by racing against a 3D printer to make a model of St Paul’s Cathedral in a Man vs. Machine live event. Dominic’s work has been exhibited and published extensively worldwide.
 “I’ve always liked the idea of little people living in a secret miniature world. For this project I made three different stages of making watches, the outdoor raw materials delivery area, the workshop and the showroom. I’m sure when I look at them in the morning the watches seem to have moved around.” Says Dominic when describing the collaboration.
Human Made:
NIGO® has always been a believer in moving forward by building on the past. For this, his self owned brand, he has chosen to dig into his famous collection of American vintage clothing from as far back as the 19th century. Each individual piece of Human Made is faithful to the original with meticulous attention to detail, but given an original and surprising postmodern twist, by use of long-time graphic collaborator SK8THING’s graphics.
Sense of Danger:
Sense of Danger was created in 2002 by Phil Joyce (better known as Joycey) whose adventures in the clothing business began in 1990. After returning from Los Angeles, where he was hanging out with the
notorious Happy Mondays, he started working with the Donnelly brothers on Gio-Goi – the famed Manchester label – before opening award winning shop Toko 74.
After the IRA bombing of Manchester destroyed his flat, Joycey moved to London and worked with Professor Head Clothing before starting Sense of Danger. While others had taken inspiration from the 80’s fluoro-coloured bubble gum pop culture, Sense of Danger moved in the opposite direction, looking back on a decade of rioting on the streets, cold war paranoia and British football thugs running wild in
Europe.  Its T-shirts and sweatshirts featured images of snarling Alsatians, heavy handed police operations, working girls loitering on street corners, plus all things rock ‘n’ roll.
Guild of Labour:
Guild of Labour’s debut collection is inspired by British working attire of the late 1940s. The brand look back to a time when a shirt and tie was not exclusively an office uniform, but instead something that travelled with gents across a wide range of occupations. The post war years might have been a time of austerity but the British man held his head high, took pride in his appearance and still tended his allotment in his old Sunday best.
Needs no introduction, NIGO® & Pharrell Williams brand Billionaire Boys Club goes from strength to strength since its introduction in 2005. Pharrell is constantly appealing to a younger and new audience through working with young relevant talent like OFWGKTA. Expect to see some all time classic pieces reproduced and reworked for SS13.
Croots is a family-owned business that has produced fine leather goods for over three decades. For most of that time the company has served those who indulge in classic country pursuits; known to craft such goods as gun slips, cartridge bags and other classic sporting luggage.
As of 2012 Croots decided to introduce an entirely new line, this time catering for an urban consumer with very different needs to their countryside counterparts. The new line, as with the Country collection, is produced entirely within the UK using the finest British and Italian leathers.
Born in the 90’s as a high performance outerwear company with a focus on functional expeditions, Museum has evolved to a more relaxed version with a focus on luxury and quality.

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